Deep Learning and Integration of Semantic Knowledge

Researchers:  Sören Auer , Daniel Kudenko , Mark Musen , Timos Sellis , Maria-Esther Vidal

Existing Projects:   ScienceGraph , KnowGraphs

Signal Analysis and Fusion

Researchers:  Bodo Rosenhahn , David Suter

Existing Projects:

Probabilistic Methods, Spatial Data

Researchers:  Gao Cong , Wei Wu

Existing Projects:   CampaNeo , smashHit

Information Extraction and Web Mining

Researchers:  Niloy Ganguly , Wolfgang Nejdl , Eirini Ntoutsi

Existing Projects:   SoBigData , Cleopatra , Oscar

Robust and Reliable Machine Learning

Researchers:  Niloy Ganguly , Marius Lindauer , Wolfgang Nejdl

Existing Projects:

Privacy Preserving Data Mining and Data Protection

Researchers:  Megha Khosla , Wolfgang Nejdl , Marianne Winslett

Existing Projects:   ZL-Gesundheit

Interpretability of Artificial Intelligence Algorithms

Researchers:  Avishek Anand , Wolfgang Nejdl , Bibek Paudel

Existing Projects:   Interpreting Neural Rankers , Simple-ML

Fairness and Responsibility in Artificial Intelligence

Researchers:  Jesse Dinneen , Markus Luczak-Roesch , Eirini Ntoutsi , Bodo Rosenhahn , David Suter , Maria-Esther Vidal

Existing Projects:   BIAS , NoBIAS

Machine Learning/AI for Precision Medicine and Health Care

Researchers:  Sören Auer , Niloy Ganguly , Thomas Illig , Megha Khosla , Michael Marschollek, Wolfgang Nejdl , David Suter , Maria-Esther Vidal

Existing Projects:   BacData , Big Data for Cochlea implants , BigMedilytics , PRESENt