Every month we introduce a member of the Leibniz AI Lab. This month, we meet Leonie Basso. Leonie is a PhD student in the Future Lab and joined in November 2021.

Hi Leonie, what project are you currently working on?

My main research interest is biomedical signal processing, which involves, for example, working on the automatic detection of cardiovascular diseases from electrocardiogram (ECG) data. I am currently working on the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) use case of the Leibniz AI Lab, which aims to use AI to support decision-making in a pediatric ICU. We are focusing on organ dysfunction prediction from electronic health records, because the timely detection of organ dysfunction is crucial for patient health.

What do you find most exciting/interesting about your work?

In the Future Lab, I am working on real-world problems taken from clinical practice and in close collaboration with medical colleagues from the Hannover Medical School (MHH). This gives me the opportunity to contribute to improving health care.

What made you decide to study for a PHD?

I enjoyed working on a novel task in depth during my master’s thesis in medical informatics and wanted to continue doing research in this fascinating field.

What do you enjoy doing in your free time?

I do track and field and like watching movies.

What’s your favorite place in Hannover?

I like the park areas in Hannover, like the Georgengarten or Maschsee.

Spotlight: Leonie Basso